Panaeolus Subbalteatus

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Sep 27, 2018
I did test this kit 3 times now, and i must say thumbs up! You cracked the code. Easy to grow and i think the only 100% mycelium kit for copelandia shrooms. Thank you for offering me this kit. It arrived in 3 days. Super service!

Aug 20, 2019
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The shrooms grow, but they look like subalteatus nor "Hawaian shrooms" as they say....they look like good old white as hawaian one of "the strongest shrooms. Tthey sent quickly-within four days -and it is easy growing..the price is not too high this way you- shamanic-extracts- will get more customers to buy here again...

Robert Sharp
Oct 22, 2019
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Started at the end of the month have now harvested second flush. And I must say it's very easy to grow, I've done a few mistake while taking care of the cake (including the cake falling down) which made me think that the second flush was never to come. But the mycelium is surprising and raised above the few scares it had to fruit again. These psilos are a very nice variety and give a nice trip. Thanks à lot, you guys rock!

Peter W
Nov 1, 2019
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Very very impressed, once the 1st pin heads had popped which only took 7 days, they were ready 4 days later, and boy are they good. Slightly easier to eat as well, as I just chew them up and swallow down with water, the mexicans where had a really strong taste and I actually found quite difficult to eat, but u know its gonna be worth it so, just get on with it, but back to the hawaian shrooms, they were far easier to eat. First trip I had 10 g wet and it was incredible, I always like to take high doses and peel back the veil on reality, and go deep into my inner consciousness, and eyes closed is just astonishing, and crazy swirly geometric patterns that u see were giving me a message and mad as that may sound, a message of love and we are one, even in a dark room with eyes shut, it creates its own light, right I'm babbling on a bit here, but I would very much recommend these hawaiian shrooms, for godly heroic doses, above 20g fresh, or just a normal dose which my buddy had, he about 30g and he was very happy, so, peace from the US, and happy tripping.

Oliver B
Nov 8, 2019
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Hawaiian shrooms. Everything is on point , can't really describe how good they made me feel only growing them, it's been an unique experience and i have to thank you guys for this ! 1-2 days more until my firs flush needs to be harvested and i shit you not, they look better than the picture displayed here :D. Really really satisfied ! You guys are the best in growkits.

Chris V
Nov 13, 2019
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very fast delivery, very fast growth and very good harvest! They are powerful blue stems and so beautiful! So much love!

Julia H
Nov 26, 2019
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The mushrooms were very potent and the two first harvests gave us 24 grams of dried mushrooms, enough for aproximately sixteen satisfying trips. The only hinge was that we were unable to understand clearly when we were supposed to collect the mushrooms. We let the veils brake and the spores were released onto the kit which we had to clean to avoid sterilizing the second growth. A picture or a more precise description of the moment when we should have collected them would be nice. A good product and a safe bet.

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