What Are Ethnobotanicals? And 6 Reasons You Need Them

f you haven’t heard of the term “ethnobotanicals”, you’re not alone. While it’s probably easy to deduct the meaning of the word from its roots: “ethno” and “botanicals”, you’ve probably never heard of the terms smashed together. Basically, ethnobotanicals are certain cures, herbs, drugs or other plants that have healing or enlightening properties. Nearly every culture has their own ethnobotanical herbs, roots, flowers, etc. that heal various ailments, reduce pain and can even grant visions and take you on trips.

A Brief History of Ethnobotanicals

Ethnobotanicals have been around since the dawn of time. From magic mushrooms that have been portrayed in the caves of ancient Saharan peoples to ancient folklore remedies, all of our native cultures have their own unique cures and remedies. But, while ethnobotanicals have been around for thousands of years and part of thousands of cultures, the term was only coined recently.


“Ethnobotany” as a term has been accredited to John William Harshberger, who died just under a century ago in 1929. He discovered that maize evolved from mexican grass into what it is now, along with identifying many types of ethnobotanical herbs, mushrooms and other types of ethnobotanicals all across the globe.


However, ethnobotany wasn’t popularized until Richard Evans Schultes, who brought to light several types of ethnobotanical herbs, trees, leaves and mushrooms from the native people of North America and South America. Prior to this, other ethnobotanical herbs and remedies were largely unknown outside the western world in the modern world.


But the origins of ethnobotany have even earlier origins, starting with Piadnius Dioscoridis in the first century, who was able to identify 600 plants in the Mediterranean region. It wasn’t until the last few centuries that ethnobotanical herbs were discovered in the modern world.


Ethnobotanical herbs, seeds, root and bark for sale


Why You Need Ethnobotanicals

Fortunately, in today’s age, you can simply shop online and find all the ethnobotanicals you could ever dream of. This includes more tame ethnobotanical herbs and plants like kratom, essential oils, tree barks, and other more well known ethnobotanicals. But, you have more obscure options, too. For example, you can purchase ayahuasca, magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits among other powerful, spiritual and enlightening drugs from the earth.


If you’re not entirely convinced you should try ethnobotanicals, here are 6 reasons why you need ethnobotanicals in your life.


  1. Ancient Botanicals That Are Thousands of Years Old. These ancient ethnobotanical herbs, spices, mushrooms, truffles etc. have stood the test of time. If you have any fears about the safety of a certain drug or plant from the planet, there are several people, tribes and groups around the world who have done them and been taking them for thousands of years. Just because ethnobotanicals may not be as well known in the West doesn’t mean they’re unsafe or not effective.

  2. Connect with Yourself and Others on a Spiritual Level. There’s a certain spiritual element when you take ethnobotanicals. When you find ethnobotanicals for sale online, you’ll be able to pick out a variety of plants, herbs, mushrooms and more to heal yourself or simply to feel good. When you take ethnobotanicals in groups, or imply to function as medicine, you’ll find that you’re able to function better and lead a happier, healthier life. While this may be able to be done with 21st century, modern medicine, results are sometimes shaky and haven’t been tested for thousands of years.

  3. Natural Cures and Healings. There are many modern medicines out on the market, from anti-depressant, anti-inflammatories, anti-pain, antibiotics, etc, but you often have to give up more than you get from these medications. For examples, we humans are made up of over 10 times more bacterial cells in your gut than human cells in our body. When we take antibiotics, it drops bombs in our digestive tract, killing beneficial bacteria as collateral damage This in turn can cause digestive issues, lead to depression as 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, and it can even lead to cancer and chronic inflammation. Taking a natural ethnobotanical herb like wormwood allows you to eradicate parasites without having to take antibiotics.

  4. Safe, Non-Synthetic Way of Getting High. For many ethnobotanical herb users, they do not use ethnobotanicals to get high, although that’s certainly an option. Instead of getting high on toxic, lab made chemicals, you can get high and trip on magic mushrooms or truffles instead. You can experience life and visions on ayahuasca. Or, you can just sit back and relax with kratom.

  5. Treat Your Pain. If you’re in pain, there are tons of natural ethnobotanicals for sale that are just as effective (or more effective) than modern medicine. Just because it comes in a fancy plastic bottle doesn't mean it's safe or better than something coming from the soil of the earth. If you’re experiencing pain, you can browse one of ur dozens of ethnobotanicals for sale that specifically treat pain.

  6. Heal Emotional Scars and Past Traumas. The use of certain ethnobotanical herbs, magic mushrooms and truffles has been shown to ease symptoms of depression, help cure addiction and even heal emotional wounds from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For example, magic truffles and magic mushrooms users have been shown to be able to effectively cure themselves of anxiety after just one trip on these ethnobotanicals. And, the changes last for a year or longer, even affecting “openness”, a part of personality thought to be difficult to change before.


Find the Right Ethnobotanicals for Sale to Live Better

There are dozens of ethnobotanicals that you can experiment with. If you’re currently taking medications and not seeing results or experiencing side effects that are impacting other aspects of your health, perhaps it's time to look into other more natural cures like ethnobotanicals. No matter what you’re looking for, there are a wide variety of ethnobotanicals to fulfill your needs. Browse our shop for a wide variety of ethnobotanicals from places far and wide.

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