The Top 6 Types of People Who Need to Try Ethnobotanicals

Ethnobotanicals are marking new territory in the Western world. While ethnobotanicals has been on the radar of those in science, people who trip on magic mushrooms and truffles, and those who have travelled the world, ethnobotanicals are becoming much more mainstream. Ethnobotanical plants have largely remained unknown in the Western world, tucked away quietly in places like the Andes mountains, quiet villages of southeast Asia and held within tribes of Africa for thousands of years. There are several ethnobotanicals native to Europe, too, commonly referred to as “folklore” medicines and cures. In fact, ethnobotany is thought to have originated in the first century in Greece, where over 600 types of plants were identified along the Mediterranean. Ethnobotanical stores are popping up left and right because of the many benefits of taking ethnobotanicals.


The term “ethnobotanicals” encompasses many different types of ethnobotanical plants, herbs and mushrooms, among other types of ethnobotanicals. There are so many types of ethnobotanicals to experiment with. If any of the below descriptions fit you, you need to give ethnobotanical plants a try!

Who Needs to Try Ethnobotanicals Now

  1. Depressed or Anxious People Looking for a Natural Remedy. With antidepressants and antianxiety being some of the most prescribed medications on the markets, it’s no wonder people are looking to treat their symptoms with natural alternatives. The fact of the matter is, we are still discovering the long term consequences of these depression and anxiety medications. The time just hasn’t passed. SSRIs are a relatively new medication. Whereas ethnobotanical plants are not. So to help combat your depression or anxiety, it may make more sense to consult an ethnobotanical store rather than a pharmacy.

  2. People Looking For Healthier, Natural Alternatives to Conventional Medicines. Piggybacking on the idea that ethnobotanical plants make a good alternative to antidepressants and anxiety medications, it doesn't just end there. There are a multitude of illnesses and conditions that ethnobotanicals can help solve. Whether you’re dealing with typical problems like pain, sadness, grief, stomach problems, intestinal bugs, or less conventional problems like questions about your existence and questions of morality, there’s a ethnobotanical plant just for you. Again, conventional medications are relatively new whereas ethnobotanicals have been passed down for generation after generation.

  3. Those Seeking Enlightenment and Purpose. No conventional medicine will be able to provide you with the wisdom that some ethnobotanical plants can provide you. Medicines often fix the symptoms, they don’t answer the deeper questions or problems that lay below the surface. That’s why you should shop an ethnobotanical shop, you’ll be able to find the right ethnobotanical plants to help you find your purpose in life, enlighten you and guide you in philosophical thoughts.

  4. People Looking to Connect With their Roots and Ancient Rites. The thing about ethnobotanical plants and medicines is that they are enrooted in culture. As you can see from the name, the “ethno” prefix plays a huge role in ethnobotanical plants. Sure, you can use ethnobotanicals from other cultures and ethnicities, but it may provide you with more meaning to use an ethnobotanical plant that is native to your culture and heritage. If taking magic mushrooms or truffles has been part of your native culture, then it may be like a rite of passage or a coming of age experience for you that's enrooted in deeper meaning. Even if you aren’t connected to particular culture that has a specific ethnobotanical plant, partaking in an ethnobotanical ritual can help connect you to that culture and gain a deeper, more solid understanding.

  5. People Wanting a Different Kind of Experience. Ethnobotanical plants are designed for people looking for a different kind of “high.” Sure, you’ll be able to get drunk easily, but it often comes at a price (i.e. a hangover, depleting your body of minerals, eventual liver damage if drinking excessively, etc.). Smoking weed may be a great way to relax, but it’s a high that can slow you down and keep you from being productive for some people. That’s why certain ethnobotanicals can activate your mind in different ways. For example, things like peyote cactus, magic mushrooms and truffles, and even salvia can provide you with a completely different kind of high. Thick f it like eating chicken or pork all the time. Those are pretty common meats, but sometimes i like to mix it up with a nice shrimp dish or filet mignon or even something like rabbit. Expanding the types of ethnobotanical plants you try will make you a more rounded, more open person. Cross these ethnobotanical plants off your bucket list and give them a try from the ethnobotanical shop.

  6. Those Wanting to Increase Sexual Fertility and Libido. Yes, ethnobotanicals can help increase your fertility and increase your sex drive. This is great for couples who feel like they’ve lost some magic and want to try to pcie up their sex lives. Things like magic mushrooms and truffles, kratom, and other sex drive inducing ethnobotanical plants can help rev up your secual engine. If you want to increase your chance of getting pregnant or sperm count, there are certain ethnobotanical plants that can help you with that, too.


There’s An Ethnobotanical For Everyone’s Needs

No matter what you need, there's an ethnobotanical plant just for you. Sure, modern medicine can provide you with things like ibuprofen and cold medicine that are convenient to have on hand in your medicine cabinet. But don’t limit your options of treatment. There are certain things modern, conventional medicines can treat. That’s where ethnobotanicals come in. ethnobotanicals are especially effective for the 6 types of people mentioned above, and can serve some kind of purpose for just about everyone. If you want to try ethnobotanicals, check out our ethnobotanical shop. We’ve got a large collection with the perfect products just for you.

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