Kratom: An Even Better Buzz Than Alcohol?

There’s nothing like going out for drinks with friends… is there? Turns out, there might be an even better alternative. Don’t get me wrong getting buzzed is a great feeling, but often times when we drink more than we should… things can get ugly. We’ve likely all been there and done that. Hangovers aren’t fun, and it’s easy for one drink to lead to another, leading to those unavoidable negative consequences the nest day.


That’s what’s so awesome about kratom powder. You get a “buzz” without the drawbacks. But, let’s make it clear now: a kratom buzz is much different than a buzz from alcohol. Kratom and alcohol vary quite differently, though they can be used in the same social settings or when wanting to relax your mind. Kratoms brings about euphoria, releases negative thoughts and anxiety, and is perfect for socializing. Whereas, alcohol frees you of inhibitions and makes you feel more careless. While very similar, the effects of kratom and alcohol are very different.


Alcohol makes things fuzzy. You flail around. Your dancing becomes worse the more you drink. You give less of a fuck. With Kratom, you give less of a fusk too. But, you feel more articulate, your brain is more clear, you’re able to concentrate and fully relax.


If you’re looking to mix things up a bit, why not host a kratom party with friends and let your minds roam free?

What is Kratom?

Kratom hails from Southeast Asia, where it’s consumed and drunk quite often. Kratom comes from a tree-like plant that provides beautiful, lush green leaves that are ground up into Kratom powder. In fact Kratom actually comes from the same plant family as coffee and gardenias, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of safety. Traditionally, kratom has been used a folklore cure and remedy for a variety of ailments. Kratom is truly powerful and can health the body of many negative symptoms due to its mind clearing and pain numbing effects.


While Kratoms has traditionally been used for thousands of years in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other neighboring countries, it’s gaining massive popularity in Western countries, too. Kratom powder was mainly used to help boost energy and for mild pain relief, though now we are looking into the use of Kratom powder in terms of anxiety and depression management as well as easing opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Is Kratom Safe?

In general, yes Kratom is safe. As with everything, there are potential side effects. If you drink a proper dosage, you’ll be fine and nothing will happen to you. However, there are some studies that indicate Kratom can interfere with certain medications, so please double check and do your research before consuming Kratom. Additionally, there may be potentially harmful interactions in the liver, but only in high dosages that surpass 20x the recommended amount.


Overall, no drug is 100% safe. Nothing is entirely safe. From drinking coffee, to walking down the street. What it boils down to with kratom powder is consuming the proper dosage and taking necessary precautions (i.e. checking medication interactions).

What Does Kratom Feel Like?

In summary: good. The effects of Kratom are really pleasant. You’ll feel euphoria, open to the world, wanting to converse. That’s why it’s such a great drink to have with friends. It’s just like alcohol, but you’ll be having no hangover. Not to mention, some people prefer the effects of Kratom powder over alcohol as they report feeling more in control and much more euphoria.


Here Is How Kratom Will Affect You:

While everyone has their own unique experience on any kind of substance, here’s what you can generally expect when you drink some kratom root powder. It depends on the dosage, with low doses generally being described as more stimulating with higher doses are more relaxing and put you in an opiod-like state, though not as strong.


  • Increased energy. With Kratom, you’ll feel like you’re able to get things done. Whether you’re exhausted after a long week of work and want to have enough energy to go out and meet with friends, or simply enough energy to watch a movie without falling asleep, Kratom will help you by increasing your energy levels. While not as drastic as coffee or other stimulant, sources, kratom is able to increase energy levels without increasing heart rate.

  • More alert. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings on Kratom. That’s not to say you’ll be hyper alert and tensed up, but rather you'll just have a better sense of what's going on around you.

  • Heightened sociability. One of the best effects of Kratom is that it make you feel more social. You’ll be able to connect with everyone around you. If you’re normally shy, Kratoms will break you out of your shell. If you’re afraid of dancing, Kratom will be your helpful friend that pushed you on the dancefloor so you can bust out your moves.

  • Slight euphoria. Basically, with kratom powder, you’ll be feeling really good. Lik, really really good. There are several compounds in kratom that are proven to increase happiness. With the lower doses, you’ll feel slight euphoria and just an overall good feeling about yourself, your current situation adn about life in general.

  • Heightened libido. Yes, Kratom is linked to heightened libido. If your sex drive has been down in the dumps, kratom powder may be the best way for you to get back into business. Whether you want to spark the mood or enhance your sex life, Kratom can be a great way to do so.

Is Kratom a Better Alternative to Alcohol?

Kratom and alcohol are both great when enjoyed in the right quantities. Kratom allows complete relaxation and decluttering of the mind, whereas alcohol is more about dumping it all out on the floor and leads to sleepiness. It all depends on the type of experience you’d like to take.


It’s all in your hands. Order some kratom now to figure out if it’s for you!

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