5 Guidelines to Have the Best Ethnobotanical Trip Ever

When it comes to any kind of ethnobotanical, there are ways you can maximize the amount of pleasure you receive. By doing these little hacks, you’ll have the best ethnobotanical trip ever. This applies to any type of ethnobotanical or substance that affects the nervous system or brain. Including coffee. Just think about it. Would you drink coffee right before you’re about to give a speech and super nervous? Or, would you prefer to drink coffee first thing in the morning to wake your brain up and give you some energy? Probably the latter.


Hallucinogens are no different. Whether you decide to use magic truffles, shrooms, obiga, or ayahuasca there are certain situations, environments and states of mind that can help you have the best trip ever.

1. Keep an Open Mind

It may be obvious, but having an open mind while you’re on any type of ethnobotanical is super important. Especially if you want to have the best ethnobotanical trip ever. There are plenty of ethnobotanical trip stories where their experience went sour because they couldn’t open their minds.


In the conventional sense, keeping an open mind means being receptive to new ideas. But, when it comes to ethnobotanicals, what I’m getting at is it’s important to keep a physically open mind. Let the experience come to you. Don’t try to force anything. Just be. There are many ethnobotanical trip stories of people expecting some type of magical superpowers to overcome them as they trip on shrooms or obiga. In reality the ethnobotanical trip brings them a completely different experience.


Be open to whatever way the trip presents itself. Don’t try to force anything by thinking it will go a certain way. It’s important to just be. Whatever is on the back of your mind will likely come up on your trip, and it may be what you need to solve a certain existential question or answer a philosophical question you have about life.

2. Be With People You’re Comfortable With

Who you’re with can be the difference between having the best ethnobotanical trip ever and having a miserable one. Who you’re with creates half the atmosphere. People emit certain vibes. We naturally pick up on people’s emotions and headspaces. You generally want to be around people who make you feel good about yourself. People who will be there for you if something goes wrong. People who will be there for you to share amazing moments.


The best ethnobotanical to trip on depends on who you’re with and how the people around influence your mood. If you want to have the best ethnobotanical trip ever, be sure to grab your closest friends or people you feel 100% comfortable around.

3. Let Go Of Control

Oftentimes we prevent ourselves from having the best ethnobotanical trip ever by wanting to be in control. When it comes to hallucinogenic, you’ll find that you simply can’t control what's unveiled in front of you. You see what your mind’s eye wants to see.The best ethnobotanical to trip on is one that makes you feel comfortable enough where you can let go and simply be. For example, you may find that you prefer the more mild hallucinogenic effects of ayahuasca compared to the stronger and longer lasting obiga.


Whatever ethnobotanical you find to be the best ethnobotanical to trip on is irrelevant. What matters when it comes to having the best trip ever is giving yourself up to the experience. Don’t prevent yourself from experiencing the full effects of the trip by worrying. Relax, take a deep breath, enjoy the visuals and the company you’re with.

4. Use Aromatherapies and Essential Oil Diffusers

For many people, using aromatherapy during the trip is one of the best ways to enhance it. Not only do aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers help you feel relaxed if you choose an oil like lavender, but the aroma may be enhanced when you trip. Depending on the kind of ethnobotanical you decide to try, you may find that the smell is much more strong.


The right blend of essential oils can bring back memories and help put you in the right state of mind when you start your best ethnobotanical trip ever. Afterall, the olfactory sense is often the sense that’s tied strongest to memory and past lived experiences. If there’s a certain smell, cologne or perfume you have, try spraying it to help put you in the right headspace.

5. Close Your Eyes

Don’t be so distracted by what’s going around on the exterior that you forget to close your eyes and experience your trip form the interior. When you close your eyes, you completely shut off visual stimuli. But, you may see things within your own self that are far more exciting and revealing than a hallucination with your eyes open. What’s more is that tripping with your eyes closed can help you focus on your body and live in the present moment.


From your beating heart, tom gentle music playing in the background, to laughter and the overall mood you’re in, you’ll be able to feel the vibes in a more intense way when you close your eyes. By closing your eyes, you shut off one of your senses to activate the other four in a stronger way.

The Best Ethnobotanical Trip Ever Awaits You

In summary, having the best ethnobotanical trip ever is about letting go of control and being receptive to whatever the experience is trying to tell you. We live our everyday lives trying to control situations. We crunch numbers, hop on buses and tram to get to where we’re going, we worry about being late. When, in reality, those things don’t matter. When you’re on a trip, it’s important to just be present in the moment.


Your trip depends on you being able to clear your head and let go. It’s that simple. If you’re looking for a wide selection of top quality hallucinogenic, be sure to check out our shop.

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