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  Shamanic Extracts :: Salvia 20x

  Salvia 20x #16323
Salvia 20x 
The highest quality Salvia divinorum extract available today - Fresh from our Laboratories and shipped immediately! This extremely concentrated product is 20 times (or 2000%) more concentrated than plain leaf and is made using pure salvinorin A. Made by extracting and purifying salvinorin A and placing a precise amount of this purified chemical onto tiny flakes of Salvia leaves, this product contains a consistent quantity of 80 mg. of pure salvinorin-A per gram of 20X enhanced leaf. Salvia divinorum originated in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and has been cultivated and used for centuries by the Mazatec people for healing and religious ceremonies. It is a powerful visionary herb, or "teacher plant", in shamanistic terms. For use as an incense component only. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
- 1 gram = $ 40
- 3 grams = $ 90
- 10 grams = $ 250

Quantity182 item(s) available
Weight50.00 gr
Price: $ 40.00 (€ 36.00)

1 gr = $ 40.00 (€ 36.00)  
3 gr = $ 90.00 (€ 81.00)  
10 gr = $ 250.00 (€ 225.00)  

Shipping restrictions, we do not ship this product to: Australia, Finland, Norway.


  Customers rating
Customers rating

Customers rating

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Customer Reviews

Author: Charles H
Trust me...Instent trip this shit will be ILIGALL one day.. Just tried this 20x product very clean not for inexperienced users this is SUPER!! Please follow guidelines, and a sitter is a MUST!!

Author: Skipper
This is absolutely amazing, and after seeing and feeling the experience numerous times, noone has yet to have a "bad trip". This is extremely hard to believe, but take it from someone who knows; it`s worth every dollar. The initial hardcore trip lasts about 4-8 minutes, then your left extremely high, wondering what the hell just happened.

Author: P Fontenello
Just received mine in the mail today. Haven't tried it yet, but sounds a little like 5-MeO DMT. I have used the fresh leaf with very interesting results. Can't wait to try this, though! (calling a trusted sitter now)

Author: Lavezzi (XTCRaveBoyMDMA)
One day me and my best friend got back from the beach and tryed this stuff that night.....shes still asking me if there where little girls danceing and singing around her or not

Author: Alex Brockway (ahbrockway@hotmail.com)
good for meditation, do not disprespect it. it is very spiritual and not to fooled around with.

Author: Chaz Payne (cr89payne@yahoo.com)
A very intense spiritual drug. Should be used in such a manner, not something to fool around with to get a "trip" or "high" off of. Sitters are not always need, it depends on how you are, state of mind, new user, etc. If used in proper ways can induce powerful visions and messages, in a way similar to DMT. After about 5-10 minutes, the visions fade and you are left in the afterglow of a very soothing, enlightened high that can last for about 20 minutes. Definately an amazing experience if used properly.

Author: Trav
I tried a little bit of this on some mj and had several (seperate) positive experiences from just the 1g. very worth the money. I'll definitely buy it again!



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