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  Shamanic Extracts :: Madagascar Woodrose Seeds

  Madagascar Woodrose Seeds #16319
Madagascar Woodrose Seeds 

This is the real deal! Active at only 2 to 3 seeds! Argyreia nervosa. Our seeds are imported directly from Madagascar, probably were these seeds originated from and are guaranteed organic and untreated with chemicals. These are the best quality seeds you can buy and are active at only two to three seeds. These seeds have been used ethnobotanically in the Pacific Islands by certain high priests to induce communication with the spiritual world. The seeds contain LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide) which is natural type of LSD. Traditionally 3 to 10 seeds would be consumed.

Quantity2590 item(s) available
Price: $ 7.00 (€ 6.30)

5 seeds = $ 7.00 (€ 6.30)  
10 seeds = $ 12.00 (€ 10.80)  
20 seeds = $ 20.00 (€ 18.00)  

Shipping restrictions: check possible international restrictions. Our products are: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! While some of our products may have had thousands of years of traditional use, our products should be considered botanical / horticultural / herbarium specimen only. You must be 18 years or older to order this product.


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Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds from madagascar


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Customers rating

Customers rating

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Customer Reviews

Author: theshaman
Excellent -

Followed the steps of grinding them up and soaking them in lemon juice and adding it to orange juice.

Get ready for a very personal trip. The trip was not like that of mushrooms. I tripped with four good friends and we were all on different pages and waves the majority of the time. Each of us was on our own trip, drifting in and out of daydreams regularly. Not many visuals, although we were out on the beach at night. The trip was very heady, as to say you are really in your own head and mind for about 5-6 hours although the effects lasted as long as 9-10 hours. All pleasant thoughts and experiences were had. Although BE WARNED severe nausea will occur for the first hour. Don’t be afraid to let it go…you’ll trip just fine and just as long but feel 100 times better a lot quicker. The LSA is all ready in your system by then so let it go….man (trust me). Be sides that it was defiantly an experience that I’m glad that I tried and will probably do again. Although I would definitely want to do it at home due to the frequent feeling of wanting to lie down and the daydreams I would rather be on a couch or bed instead of the ground. Each of us took four seeds first then split a bottle with six seeds in it about 30minlater. Definitely enough I don’t think we even finished the second dose bottle.

Author: Ronan Stedner
These seeds are indeed very strong. Use the following method. No nausea! Super hard tripping, with fast kick in and very long peak. Personally, I will never dose HBWR any other way.

1) Peel the fuzzy outer covering off of your seeds.
2) Grind in a coffee grinder into a fine powder.
3) Let soak in a few tablespoons of pure lime juice for 30 minutes in a decent sized drinking glass, mixing every 10 minutes.
4) After 30 minutes, mix the lime juice with a good amount of orange juice.
5) The last mouthful will be a lot of the hard, ground up powder. You can opt to chew it, but none of us did, we all chugged it, and tripped fine.

Within 20 minutes, you'll begin to feel the onset of the trip. It'll come on hard, and you'll be already be tripping before the nausea has a chance to kick in. Have some cannabis handy in case you do.

Author: DK
Definitely reminiscent of LSD, but much slower in kicking in. I took ten, and had a decent trip - peak is roughly equivalent to one weak hit of acid, some trails and visuals, body buzz, etc. Not sure if it's safe to take much more than ten - they contain small amounts of cyanide compounds, just like apple seeds, which could cause the blue coloring of arms and legs (or worse) sometimes reported as ergot poisoning.

Author: Stefan Oran
Really impressive effects - not something to be done just for fun though. I think this is probably something of an acquired taste, but anyone wanting to mess about with their mind for a bit could get a lot out of these seeds.

Author: Paul K.
Be careful with these, because time and distances become very warped. Cars seem further away than you think etc. definately worth it. I advise starting by taking 3 like I did to start with, then take more if you want to. Great trips. Go get some!Also don't be critical on what you are feeling to start with, because believe me they will kick in!

Author: Lunatic
I ate five and i got silly. i think if i ate the full ten i would have started seeing jamaica. The trip was strong and true to what the advertisement says. The skin sensations were nice, laughing, and some intense hallucinations in the dark.

Author: Xipetotec
Excellent -

Three of these seeds, chopped with a kitchen "chopper", soaked in lemon juice for 30 minutes, then mixed with orange juice...

An hour and a half of wondering if I had wasted my money, and nine hours later, I'm still having Supernatural experiences. Definitely a must for anyone who misses Acid from the good old days...

Very impressed with the service I received from Shamanic Extracts. Product was delivered on time and arrived as promised. I will be a return customer.

Author: yoss
First I ate 5 (finely chopped with a hammer, soaked in lemmon juice for 30min) and got a moderate result. On a second occasion I ate again 5 (hammer, lemon juice) but this time soaked for 1 day.. and heck, that was good :))
I had very strong nausea in the beginning (although I scraped the brown husk) which was handled with some herb. The effects are like acid but with much weaker visuals and not so much adrenaline.
Recommended :)

Author: Michael Campbell (ec_1960@peoplepc.com)
After doing LSD for the first time back in 2003, I feel in love with it right away. I had done many drugs up till then and was very experienced but LSD and weed together are my 2 fav drugs in the world. After not being able to get LSD ne more for a long time roughly a year seems way longer. I deceided to order these seeds after doing some research on the web. Well i finally got the seeds and tried them the first time i ate 7 seeds on an empty stomach and WOW I really was tripping again however it was not as lovely as LSD, The LSA//LSH was very nice I had mind expansion very deep thoughts and some mnor visuls such as trails, brighter colors,blending,and morphing. But no outstanding visuals that i got from LSD. all together besides the nausea in the first hour or so, these seeds rock and are a great alternative to LSD if u cant get it ne more. All in all these seeds are very close to LSD with all the thought processes, mind expansion, different emoitons/feelings u get from LSD, with some minor yet lovely visuals.

Author: Gunzhard
Wow, I took seven and followed the lime juice / orange juice method. Man! Oh, man I got knocked off my ass. I had a bit of a bad trip due to my enviorment.
I had deep mind expansion very deep thoughts and some mnor visuals such as trails, brighter colors,blending,and morphing.
The nausea was very intense and almost ruined the fun. i might try them in a lower dose and better enviorment.

Author: sir real
im impressed

kind of like shrooms but definatly distinct

ground 4 in coffee grinder(husks and all), soaked in fresh lemon juice for 23 hours, drank with about24 oz of oj

only thing i didnt like was not knowing if it would kick in, it took almost an hour and a half, but it surely did

nausea wasnt even that bad i dont see how people can think its so bad

little gaspressure inside, though that took care of its self ;)

Author: akathemenace
it says that seeds were used to induce communication by the high priests to the spirit world... well the first time i had them i chewed 3 and i was there :) probaly the best drug experience of my life...
i have since had them 2 more times and had different but very cool experiences.
I think that the seeds give you whatever it is that you need at the time...
i have personally never felt any kind of nausea with them and will be doing them agian in the near future... customer service and delivery is also top notch!!

Author: Starcross'd
First off, the delivery was great. I got them in a week and a day, in a protective envelope. So, that was awesome. :D

Second, I took the advice of fellows in these customer reviews, but I put a spin on it.

I took all ten seeds and put them into a coffee grinder with about 50 morning glory seeds. (I don't know if the morning glory seeds added much of a kick, but I wanted to try.)

So I ground up all the seeds in a coffee grinder and carefully swept all of the dust into a funnel and down into an empty bottle. Then I added lemon juice (about 1/3 of a cup) and a half-cup of cold water.

Then I shook the bottle around for a couple of hours while I watched SpongeBob (hell yeah).

First trip: I drank about a fourth of the bottle. Euphoria, contentedness, music is very enjoyable, I feel weightless.

Two days later I drank another fourth: same as the first trip.

Last night I drank the last 1/2 of the solution with all the seed particles.

It took about two hours for the onset, but it ended up with a the hardest trip I ever tripped.

I could see nostalgia, physically feel music, and everything that was bothering me in my life I realized wasn't important. And I still feel that way! :) I feel very enlightened.

The only downside: my tongue felt swollen and it was difficult to swallow. :(

But thanks, SE, for the seeds!!!



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