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  Shamanic Extracts :: Hawaiian Argyreia nervosa

  Hawaiian Argyreia nervosa #16150
Hawaiian Argyreia nervosa 

Baby Hawaiian Woodrose
New! active at 3 to 5 seeds. Viable organic untreated seeds from the beautiful islands

Family: Convolvulaceae - Genus: Argyreia - Species: nervosa

seed pods contain 4-6 seeds. Seeds are removed from pods and fungus-like coating is scraped or flamed off (author recommends scaping as much as possible and flaming the rest, as the coating can be thick and it's easy to end up turning the whole seed into a chunk of carbon if you just flame it). 4-8 seeds are chewed on an empty stomach (to minimize nausea). Seeds sold commercially are generally already removed from the pods. The seeds themselves resemble small chocolate chips, but are hard as rocks and have the coating mentioned above.

LSD-like effects, but less intense, with less visuals. Trip lasts 6-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after trip, however some users may experience a hangover characterized by blurred vision, vertigo, and physical intertia.

Used by the poorer Hawaiians for a high. Shipping of these seeds became popular, as did a great controversy over the propriety of world-wide distribution.

Active Constituents:
D-lysergic Acid Amide and related compounds. NOTE: net wisdom has it that extracting LSA from woodrose/mg seeds is an inefficient way to obtain a precursor for LSD

Quantity1874 item(s) available
Price: $ 15.00 (€ 13.50)

25 seeds = $ 15.00 (€ 13.50)  
50 seeds = $ 25.00 (€ 22.50)  
100 seeds = $ 45.00 (€ 40.50)  

Shipping restrictions: check possible international restrictions. Our products are: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! While some of our products may have had thousands of years of traditional use, our products should be considered botanical / horticultural / herbarium specimen only. You must be 18 years or older to order this product.


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ARGYREIA NERVOSA - Hawaiian baby woodrose


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Customers rating

Customers rating

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Customer Reviews

Author: Edward
Me and my friend took these seeds and we were really pleased. First we skraped dark brown husk away, then crushed them and made tea. Tea did not taste bad and there were no stomach pain at all. It really realaxed me and my legs felt real funny. Super!

Author: João Marques
only skraped dark brown husk and eat! NO NAUSEA, GREAT TRIP! 5*

Author: Krešimir Jurić (dmislav@gmail.com)
I received 100 of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds yesterday(26.5.) and tried them the same day. I used the recipe someone already suggested on the site, grinding them in a coffee grinder and then mixing them with a few spoons of lemon juice for half an hour. After that we added like 0,7 L od orange juice. We used 10 for the 3 of us, and we had a experience that lasted for 5 hours, and would have lasted even longer if we hadn't gone to sleep. I wan't to say that this is simply fantastic.

Author: Brandon Peglow (bpeglow@hotmail.com)
I got my seeds today and ate 10. I just chewed them up and ate them and chased with orange juice. They're hard as rocks. Took a couple hours to kick in, but I was happy with them. Very good feeling and no nausea.

Author: Landon Rone (ltrone@olemiss.edu)
crushed then soaked 6 seeds for about 2 hours. didn't feel anything for 2 hours. i hadn't eaten all day. when i did eat i became very intensely painfully sick. after i had travelled through hell it felt like i was ascending towards heaven for the next 6 hours. awesome.

Author: Kaj Mäkelä (kaj.makela@pp1.inet.fi)
These seed's worked like a charm!

They were sooo good i had to order them again! :D

Author: Le Squizz
This is one of the most awesome experience's i've ever had. I scraped as bark off as i could and then put the seed's in a bag and smashed them in order to activate them, after that i swallowed them and was in horrible pain of my life... but an hour or 2 later I was seeing things and became the happiest man on earth, well next to who ever is banging Pamela Anderson.

Author: gernot haas (stoastaira@gmail.com)
crush 25 seeds in a coffegrinder,
15grams tataric acid, mixed into
300ml pure water in a glasjar with tight lid,
mix with the powder, shake as much as you can overcome thruw the next 24 hours and ceep it cool in the
refrigerator. shift thruw very fine cloth, throw the mash away!, and fill into icecubebags. deepending, you have 25 psychedelic things ready to use in the icebox.
One at the time,good seeds working allready with a single for a light tour.
May the good gods be with you



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